Monday, August 25, 2014

Michelle & Will | New Jersey Shore Engagement

This last weekend I ran around the beach at sunset chasing the sun with Michelle and Will.  They were wonderful and their natural ease and fun with each other makes my job such a delightful one.

So glad I was able to take these photos for you guys!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sarah & Jimmy | Deerfield Country Club Wedding

From the first time I met with Sarah last Fall I so enjoyed her. She was not only incredibly sweet and excited to be married but she had her stuff together. She was so on top of their wedding plans and all the little details. At our last time getting together a couple weeks before the wedding she came with a perfectly organized booklet of schedule, phone numbers, photo lists etc.  It's just her personality and she pulls it off. Well - of course the girl who thinks of everything would have a bunch of curve balls thrown at her the day of the wedding! From the trellis being torn a part by a storm the night before (way to go Mr. Calhoun putting it back together with Zip ties! Amazing. It was gorgeous and you never would have known!) to their families' dog getting into the cupcakes the morning of. I was very impressed by Sarah completely going with the flow - especially for someone who put thought into every detail. She didn't even seem phased by the little issues and didn't break a smile the entire day. 

It was such a pleasure getting to know Sarah and Jimmy leading up to their wedding - high school sweethearts eagerly anticipating this long awaited day. It was a beautiful Spring-like fourth of July Friday and we were delighted to be a part of it.

So happy for you two!